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Monday, January 5, 2015

We Took the Plunge!

After endless months of looking at re-sale homes we decided to go the new construction route. I wish we would have looked into this option much sooner but we really thought we could find a house in our price point that we could didn't happen.

We decided to make the move from our circa 1830s farmhouse last summer. As soon as we put our house on the market we had offers in the first few days. It was all happening SOOO fast. We went from "testing" the market to selling our character farmhouse in a matter of days. It was and still is bitter-sweet. Rewind, that was last September. It's now January 2015! Yup...we ended up having a very long settlement date. Inspections took longer than expected, the Buyers Buyer fell through, then we weren't finding a home we liked. We truly lucked out with the BEST Buyers ever. They came close to our list price & have been more than accommodating to the delays. They are empty-nesters and can stay in their shore house while we were doing our hunt on he "perfect" house. They saw we had 2 year old toddler twins and knew moving was a hard transition with having toddlers. I can't say enough good things about them. Wish there were more 
people like them in the world.

Our close is in mid-February and they even offered to delay it AGAIN... It was then we thought to look at new construction in our area. Sure enough, the very first neighborhood we looked at we fell in love with the model home from the inside to the outside and we were SOLD...we were just starting the process of a built home. Never done this before and so here is our journey of having our Ryan Home Ravenna model built. Bye bye circa 1830's farmhouse. So many memories....

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