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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Actual Model Home Pictures of the Ravenna Elevation M Cottage Style

For a fellow blogger's request building a Ravenna Elevation M Cottage Style , below are pictures from my neighborhoods model home. 

Irish Thistle siding
Sandy Tan shaker siding
Bronze metal roof
Black shutters
White trim 
(Forget the name of the door but it's a dark plum color) 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Some Delays

Nothing new to report. There's been some delays since our MSS meeting to finalize and submit all of our selections. There was a glitch in their computer system on adding/removing options and our SR had to wait for the fix from corporate. Plus, we had been waiting on final numbers. We just weren't happy with this process at all. RH should provide net sale after "each" change or custom request. It's only fair to the Buyer. The whole process of adding and removing selections can be very taxing having to calculate & recalculate. It would be nice if RH provides a breakdown each time to ensure numbers reflect each other (RH and Buyer). We feel RH falls short in this department. It's not easy for the Buyer and it's not as simple as someone saying "Oh, just take this number and add this number and take out this number and so on..."  This can cause Buyers to miss things and these "things" could be an error on RH part. That's what happened to us. Thank God we caught it but definitely Buyer Beware to check and double-check your numbers! Do not sign ANYTHING until you are both on the same page. 

On a happier note, we've recently moved to our temporary housing. Good news is it's a short drive to the new digs so once they break ground we can keep a daily eye on things. But, the transition has been heart-breaking for our 2-yr old girl twin. She is not doing well with naps or bedtime. Any advice on moving with toddlers to help the transition go smoother is much appreciated. I'm fearful for our next move in August once the house is complete.