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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Some Delays

Nothing new to report. There's been some delays since our MSS meeting to finalize and submit all of our selections. There was a glitch in their computer system on adding/removing options and our SR had to wait for the fix from corporate. Plus, we had been waiting on final numbers. We just weren't happy with this process at all. RH should provide net sale after "each" change or custom request. It's only fair to the Buyer. The whole process of adding and removing selections can be very taxing having to calculate & recalculate. It would be nice if RH provides a breakdown each time to ensure numbers reflect each other (RH and Buyer). We feel RH falls short in this department. It's not easy for the Buyer and it's not as simple as someone saying "Oh, just take this number and add this number and take out this number and so on..."  This can cause Buyers to miss things and these "things" could be an error on RH part. That's what happened to us. Thank God we caught it but definitely Buyer Beware to check and double-check your numbers! Do not sign ANYTHING until you are both on the same page. 

On a happier note, we've recently moved to our temporary housing. Good news is it's a short drive to the new digs so once they break ground we can keep a daily eye on things. But, the transition has been heart-breaking for our 2-yr old girl twin. She is not doing well with naps or bedtime. Any advice on moving with toddlers to help the transition go smoother is much appreciated. I'm fearful for our next move in August once the house is complete. 


  1. It can always be trying on little ones when there is a big change. Depending on how much she understands you may want to include her in the process. For us- it was a family event every time we went to look at a new home. The boys would get very excited and pick out their own room. When we finally chose a home we asked them what fun things do you want to do in the new house. How do you want your room decorated and then we would window shop. Before we broke ground we took them to community events so they could play with the kids already in the neighborhood as wells as the ones who were looking to move in around the same time we were. I know it can be tiresome, but take them to visit the home when you start building as often as you can. You may want to include a "lovey" if she doesn't already have one and ask her questions like "Do you think Miss Teddy would this room or this room? Does Miss Teddy like the way the kitchen looks?" And let her bring her lovey with you on these trips. This can lend some comfort when its time to be in the new space. Miss Teddy (mind you she can name her anything she wants, lol) has been there for ALL of her previous trips and she was safe then and may consider it a comfort that through all the changes she had a constant friend.

    1. Thank you. I definitely will try some tactics you mentioned to see if it may help. They just turned 2 so not sure how much she understands. The other thing is they both sleep with nothing. They don't want blankets, pillows, toys in bed. It's funny. They've always been this way. She never even took to a paci as a baby. But maybe a special new doll may help once we break ground. Staying in our temp house now is really rough. I get no breaks because naps/bedtime have been complete meltdowns if I leave. She never was like this. I sneak out but she does the same thing 3-4 times a night now. And I don't drink coffee to keep me energized in my day. Lol