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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another Cry for Help...Stoned!!!


After writing my initial post about stone selection, we drove to another RH neighborhood about 25 min away to look for Fieldstone Shade Mountain & Cut Cobblestone in Autumn. Unfortunately, the Cut Cobble wasn't available in the community as a choice so we are hoping our SR can get us a picture of this on a real house when we make our selections tomorrow. 

However, we were pleasantly surprised with the Fieldstone Shade Mountain. We found it on many homes within this particular community. For some reason, no one has used it yet in our community. I have a feeling it's because the sample in the model shows it to being an all grey fieldstone. Not a lot of variety in color. BUT...this is WAY off the sample then seeing it in person. We think it will look great with our Sandy Tan siding & Pebble Clay shaker siding & black shutters.  Still waiting to see if we can get the Bucks County stone in my vision house, from fellow blogger, Melissa, but if not, then we will agree with Fieldstone Shade Mountain. Below are some images of this stone if others are trying to search for it. It's actually quite nice!! Looks are totally deceiving from those 12x12 samples! 

Fieldstone Shade Mtn (left) & Cut Cobble Autumn (right)
Bucks County stone on the bottom house

Two houses with Fieldstone Shade Mountain (do these look like the same stone as above left??! We really thought it would be much more grey tones.)

We are ***almost*** sure of our siding and shaker siding for the house. BUT... We can't really find a stone we really like OR we can't find what it will actually look like on a house! I've been looking at people's blogs and really like the Bucks County stone but it isn't offered in our community. Our choices are:

1) Fieldstone Shade Mountain
2) Cut Cobble Lehighton
3) Cut Cobble Autumn
4) Ridgestone Chardonnay
5) Shadow Ledgestone Buckingham

We are trying to steer away from the stones that seem to have a lot of reds or greens in them (#2, 4,& 5 seem to have these just from looking at the samples). 

If anyone reading this can post a picture of Fieldstone Shade Mountain or Cut Cobble Autumn I'd greatly appreciate it. Here are the Ply Gem images but I really want to see them on actual houses & can't find any on-line.



We are trying to determine which stone will compliment our exterior colors best. As of now, after griping about no selection for darker green or slate blue exterior siding, we are now leaning towards a traditional style house with Sandy Tan siding & Pebble Clay shaker siding, black shutters, white trim, and a dark red door... oh, we will also have a metal roof with the Ravenna M Elevation (likely black or the black/bronze). I suppose we are a little nervous going with Irish Thistle or Spanish Olive as exterior choices for fear in years to come that these colors will look dated & we'll need to replace it. We are pretty secure on our decision now but, of course, things could change in the coming days. ;-) 

Below are the colors together that we like as I mentioned. It's a different elevation but you get the concept of the traditional colors we are thinking about to tie it all together & unfortunately the stone is not available...So anyone please help find real-life examples of the stones I am seeking!! :-)))


  1. Unfortunately it will be kind of difficult to locate that with out it being on the ply gem website. I ran into the same problem trying to see all the colors together. Now either I am an original or no one really likes to post pics of these things. I like the cut cobble autumn. I always lean toward a splash of color. It just makes the house seem full of life.

  2. Yeah, no one has the Shade Mt yet we are told & MT is looking for CC Autumn. They are on the Ply Gem website but I only saw a fireplace done with Shade Mt & all the houses looked like the CC Autumn varied greatly amongst each other. This process is so difficult.

  3. Sorry that you are having a hard time with your stone selection. The sample of the CC Autumn is nice. It is very hard to picture what the small picture would look like up on a house. That is very difficult if the pictures you found have a lot of variation.

  4. Wow! The sample looks completely different! That's a shame.. It's so hard to pick from those tiny little samples as it is- then to make it a bad sample on top is terrible. I think the stone will look great with the tan siding!! I'm glad you guys ventured out to find the stone on other houses! Good luck tomorrow!!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Good news... It IS the stone we thought when we went through the other community. Our SR confirmed this what the other community's SR. Our SR is requesting a new stone sample for people because the current sample is WAY off and she suspects it's the reason people aren't picking it. We are excited...we ended up just staying with the Mountain Fieldstone. :)

    2. Sterling I was going to suggest looking at melissa B's house. She lives a few doors down from me a has become a good friend. We met on this blog before her home was built, this blog can be AMAZING. A lot of what you have been looking at resembles her home. Although I know nothing of stone as my home is brick, sorry I couldnt be more help.

    3. Thank DWT! She told me you both were neighbors. I think I stumbled across her colors through looking through your blog list actually. :-) So, thank you! :-))
      Our community does not offer her stone--the Bucks County stone. But, we were able to pick another choice we ended up really liking after browsing a neighborhood a few towns from us. So, we are all set! We are also going to try the Fiery Brown door (it's more like a very dark red). If we hate it we will paint it black after moving in.
      Thanks to you all for your very informative blogs. It's truly helped us in this early stage of the home build.

  5. So jealous about your stone. It is going to look great. We decided not to get the Stone but I really love that look!