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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Good & the Bad Today...Requests We Made to Our Elevation

So last week we requested to change our elevation from C to M. Hello, that was a 7K price increase! But after truly looking at the blueprint of C we just didn't like it. Plus the night we walked into our community we were there until close to midnight so our SR could get us in the system before the end of the year. So, needless to say, we were so tired & didn't really think much on the elevation (or that later on changing it would increase our price!). 

I digress...

So along with the elevation change we requested:

Stone facade to replace the brick facade. We just don't like brick anything to be honest. Everyone has their opinion but it just isn't us and the 3 brick samples were not catching our eye.  Good news, it got approved today and NO extra charge! Woooo whoooo! We will be 1 of 2 houses that now has made this request so I'm sure we won't be the last. 

But the other request we made, because we wanted to be "different" than the other house & just merely because we were looking for a more "craftsman" style was that this stone also be placed at the base around each porch pillar. Unfortunately this was denied. I was very disappointed when we got this news today. There is another level in Ravenna and we saw a Verona elevation with stone around the base of the pillars so what gives??! Hubby isn't too upset. He thinks we can just get our friend who does masonry to do this project for us on the side sometime in the first year after we move in. And he presumes for cheaper than what RH would have charged. 


  1. They love to say "Ryan Homes doesn't do that" when you ask for things. They told me I couldn't have sidelights or a transom at the front door. Ryan Homes doesn't do that. They had just done it for my cousin's Avalon across the street! I have a list of things as long as my arm I was told they don't do which they do. Some of it they even did for me after I showed them the blogs and other evidence that Ryan Homes does indeed to these things.

    1. Hmmmm if you ever come across s blog with a Ravenna and doing stone at the base of the porch pillars let me know. I still think it would be cheaper to go outside of RH if they charged us.