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Monday, January 5, 2015

Ryan Home ~ Ravenna Model Elevation M Cottage Style

PWe selected: Ravenna Elevation M Cottage Style

It was more expensive than the 6 other Ravenna choices but we fell in love with the outside 'craftsman' detail of the home. 

Actual picture of the model home in our neighborhood. 

Changes we are making:

1) Replace all brick in the front with a stone facade

2) Requested the same stone facade be used around the bottoms of each porch pillar 


  1. Hi Meghan! I love your elevation. My family and I are building a Verona elevation M. I just love the craftsman look. Ryan doesn't offer many elevations that have this style, so I was when I saw our elevation M I was so thrilled. I am excited to follow your journey. A home a few doors down from my current home has the stone pillars and they are so nice! I hope that Ryan approves your request!

  2. Thanks Christina!! I look forward to following your progress. Oh my goodness, Ido your neighbors live in a Ravenna? We are the first, and hopefully only, to request stone at the base of the pillars for our elevation. I do know there is another neighbor who requested stone instead of the brick facade on our same model & they got approved last week (they didn't request stone on the pillars). So crossing fingers!!

  3. SterlingQuad,

    We're building a Ravenna home, Elevation M too. Found your blog while looking for Elevation M pics. Also started a blog of our own.