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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pre-Settlement Walk Through

With us being located in San Diego now our realtor, did our walk through for us. Thank God we have him. He has been three helping us every step of the way since we moved. 

On the exterior everything is together and complete with the exception of the two cottage gable fypon features which do not fit together as they should. The PM is working through figuring out why these don't fit and having the correct gable fypon features installed. Hoping ASAP before we close next week. 

He also has the electrician coming through on Monday to install the extra outlet at the end of the overhang in the gourmet island. We had requested this during selections so that when someone is sitting at the island they can plug in their phones, iPads, or laptops to charge or use on the island. 

The PM passed along some info that he hopes will help in marketing the home to our realtor. The SR is transferring all calls coming in wanting a Quick Delivery Home to our realtor as well. As soon as the gables are on a professional photographer will be out to take pictures & the house will be listed on the market.  Both the PM & realtor feel confident that we will be able to sell the home rather quick because of the upgraded/neutral selections we made in the home.

Here are some current pictures of the exterior and main level. 

(Gables stil need to be installed at peaks and accents on porch pillars)

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  1. It turned out great! I'm sure it will sell quickly. Our development builds "spec" houses. Homes they build and sell off either during the build or after. The first one sold even before the build was done. I think people like the idea of a brand new home without the hassle of going through the building process.