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Friday, May 15, 2015

Progress...Poured Basement & Garage Concrete

Spoke with our PM yesterday and surprisingly the conversation went well. Hopefully this relationship will now turn for the better and blossom moving forward. He was very nice and cordial and offered answers to our questions and even said to call him if we had more questions. 

He updated us that concrete was being poured the following day and the lumber arrived. So I did a drive-by today and met two workmen. One was working on our garage & the other our basement. We joked about them not making any mistakes. Took a few pictures though and joked I was posting them all over Facebook. :)) Hoping to see framing start in a few days. 


  1. Nice! Pretty soon the framing will go up and it will seem like time is flying by.

    (They still haven't poured my basement or garage yet. I wonder why?)

    1. I've seen it done both ways on these blogs. I'm not sure if it's a state by state thing or just different building techniques. I know we had to pass a foundation inspection before they could even begin framing.

    2. Nick, your house is framed, right? I thought concrete was before framing? Not sure. Your progress is amazing how quick it has gone.

    3. The footers and foundation walls are poured, but the basement and garage slab isn't poured yet. I think this is a scheduling thing. They wanted to get a head start on the framing on my house, while the concrete guys pour the slab on another house, then they flip.